Confinement Nanny Review

Confinement Nanny Review​

Below are all our confinement nanny review by our beloved customers. We are highly recommend by client ^^. 

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AsiaOne & The New Paper

Mr Looi Kuan Siong, founder of Homey Confinement, said it will fully absorb the additional costs, though it meant the agency will “earn about a few hundreds (dollars) less for each nanny every month”.

Mr Alex Chua, director of Super Nanny Services, told TNP 40 per cent of its clients are willing to bear the additional costs but added the company is in discussions on how to split the costs equally.

A manager at Newlife Confinement Services, who wanted to be known only as Ms Sophia, said it has yet to decide if the additional costs are to be shared with clients.




Our First Voice of Customers

Engaged Qiu Yi for my confinement and she took great care of my baby, cooked super delicious food for me and most importantly, made me feel I dont have to worry about anything as I can ask her about baby. Also, we went out together so I can enjoy myself while she took care of my baby! Loved her services and I will engage her again for my next little one!

Last Minute Need Confinent Nanny,
We are here for you!

Thank you Homey Confinement for helping to get experienced Confinement Nanny in a short period at reasonable fee. Upon confirmation, Homey send Nanny to our home next day. With Bin Aunty, my wife & I have a very good rest throughout the nights where we decided to extend her service for another month. She is so patiently taking care of our newborn baby and my wife. We will not hesitate to engage Bin Aunty & Homey Confinement again.

Expatriate with Twins,
We pair with English Speaking Nanny

I recently had twin boys and Lui from Homey Confinement helped us find the perfect short term Confinement Nanny from Malaysia.

We are an Australian couple, looking for an English speaking and experienced Confinement Lady to help once i got home from hospital and to help cook some meals and mainly take care of the babies.

Aunty Ann arrive one day before i got home from hospital and from the moment she arrived my Husband felt at ease, she created menus, rearranged the baby room and set everything up awaiting our arrival.

Aunty Ann was absolutely perfect. She treated our babies like her own and was very welcoming to adapt the traditional Confinement process to suit our needs including adapting some of the food (she only cooked lunches, which were mainly soups, tea, noodles and vegetables…and were delicious!) and traditional practices.

We learned a lot about handling and looking after new horns whilst Aunty Ann was with us for two weeks including how to swaddle, bath a baby, feed and burp correctly etc.

I wholeheartedly recommend Aunty Ann and the team at Homey Confinement.

Thank you 😊

Two Wonderful Nannies,
Our Replacement Case,
We are there when you need us

I had two wonderful nannies thanks to Homey Confinement’s immediate responses, very hands-on and swift actions. The 1st nanny, HuiQin Aunty unfortunately hurt her foot halfway through confinement and the next day 2nd nanny, LeLe Aunty came and took over seamlessly.

HuiQin Aunty is diligent, excellent in cleanliness and can see her genuine care for the baby. Careful and meticulous, she doesn’t miss any item out of the daily schedule but is flexible to adjust accordingly to mummy and baby’s doc appointments.

LeLe Aunty prepares very pretty and delicious confinement food. Amiable but will still give firm advices in the interests of mummy and baby. She is patient; doesn’t mind teaching daddy and mummy on separate occasions and repeatedly if we forget or unsure. We trust her to recommend products suitable for baby use.

Overall definitely a two thumbs up experience and the only “uncomfortable” feeling was to adapt to different nanny’s style/ transition period which is unavoidable. Takes about 2 or 3 days and all is well.

We are here to share our knowledge

Qiu Yi arrived at my doorstep just within 1-2hrs after my discharge from hospital. She is very professional. She settled down fast and start to attend to my baby. She took good care of baby and my well beings. She maintained the house clean and organised.

She cooked good confinement food. Every meal is traditional home-cooked with soups, vegetables and meat. She also make mee hoon kueh (from flour to dough to kueh) for my breakfast. Her speciality dishes: Pig Trotter In Vinegar 猪脚醋, pepper pig stomach soup 胡椒猪肚汤, etc.

And the most important of all, Qiu Yi is a easy going person to get along with. She is knowledgeable, patience and able to advise / guide you through this “steep learning curve”(at least for me). I can’t imagine my confinement without Qiu Yi.

I would say Qiu Yi will be an extraordinary nanny to any family. Thank you Homey for the good service rendered.

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
We will make sure you have pleasant
Chinese New Year Confinement Experience

At 1st I did not try to engaged Homey Confinement and tried other popular confinement companies.. but due to around CNY period and late bookings, all are already fully booked.. and as such I need to go online and search for another confinement company and there is where I found “Homey Confinement”.

1st impression was the Agent was super nice and friendly.. we chat quite alot and his reassurance to me is very sincere.

Eventually, I decided to engage them and they also recommended 芬姐 to us.. saying that she’s very experienced and likes to look after kids and not forgetting that she can cook very well also.

Well… Once our baby prince has arrived, 芬姐 also as per scheduled arrived at our house to take care of our bb..

For taking care of our baby during the whole confinement period, 芬姐 was absolutely “on the ball” and never let the baby’s parents worried about their precious little one.. she can single handedly take care of the baby 100% while the wife can rest and recover and recuperate her strength and energy while the husband can go back to work w/o any worries at all..
Kudos to 芬姐 for doing an exceptional job which is even beyond my expectations..

For cooking of confinement food, the food was very delicious.. I must also confessed that I’m a very picky person in terms of food and taste but I was surprised that whatever she cooked.. I can finished it all.. even my wife have praise at 芬姐 for her culinary skills..
Whatever dishes throw at her.. she can whip up a delicious meal for all of us..

Well… Seriously, there’s so much we wanted to Thanked 芬姐 for her service rendered to us.. and i know w/o her helping my wife after her confinement.. we are going to miss her.. but then again, my wife and i are also much more confident of taking care of our baby now as 芬姐 has imparted most of her skills to us..

Finally, my wife and I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to “Homey Confinement” for the wonderful Confinement experience and definitely a Superb Nanny alongside the journey..

I super highly recommend 芬姐 as a Confinement Nanny and will definitely get her back if we have our 2nd baby in the future.. — feeling thankful.

Haha, we are Reasonable and our
Confinement Nanny Fee is Reasonable too

Stephany Aunty is diligent and takes care of baby very very well. Baby was not used to the new environment and kept crying, not wanting to sleep. Aunty tried all ways and means to find the best sleeping style. During the first few nights, baby slept with Aunty so we could rest. Aunty was practically working all day long due to my cranky baby.

As a first time mum, I’m thankful to have Aunty by my side to teach me the ropes of caring for a newborn.

She cooks delicious food too. We are so glad to have met her. If she didn’t have other jobs, we would extend her stay with us for another 6 months.

Really want to thank Aunty Stephany for helping us this period.

KS from Homey Confinement was also very responsive and sincere in our chats. Their prices are slightly lower than the big confinement agencies but the quality of their nannies are top notch. I did have some experience with another big agency and I find Homey way better.

We Serve Muslim Family as well,
Last Minute Confinement Nanny, No Problem ^^

We would like to recommend Homey services and specially Auntie May! We required a nanny’s help at a very last minute and their speedy reply was very assuring and helpful. Things were arranged really quickly for us and Auntie May came in time and took care of our 2-week old baby who was at that point of time down with infected flu and phlegm. Not only she took care of my baby and my needs (which I have also caught on the flu and had a high fever), she has also provided tips and tricks to take care of our baby. Through TLC and massaging our baby, he recovered very fast and is all well now and gained weight (and a lot of smiles) healthily. Not only she cooked really well, she also taught me how to cook and always improvised the meals through what I have in the fridge. She will also ask what I like to eat, adapted my favorites and removed any unnecessary things that I shouldn’t eat and turned them into a more confinement-suitable style. She have also taught me about herbs, cooking techniques etc so after she returns, I am still able to cook small meals for our small family. Most importantly her positive mindset gave me a lot of assurance and confidence to take care of my first baby. She constantly also reminded me to relax, urge me to have enough rest and not worry so much and be happy as a happy mom makes a happy baby which is so true till date! Her past experience with so many babies is very comforting for me to understand babies better and we have now almost established a better day to night schedule (esp night time) at 6 weeks. Thank you Auntie May! 😍

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Remember to get your nanny covered with confinement nanny insurance as you are liable for up to $15,000 of your nanny’s hospitalization bill should anything happen. Click ASK PRICE to check out the the premium.

Confinement Lady Work Permit only valid until baby 16 weeks (112 days), next would need to convert to babysitter work permit.

Remember find a good gynae and obstetrician nearby your home or office.

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