How to Pay Levy

1) Make Sure Work Permit Expired or Cancelled

  • Ensure the Confinement Nanny Work Permit already Cancelled or Expired before pay
  • The Permit will auto Cancelled once Expired
  • Or else LEVY will be continuously charged to you
  • Learn how to Cancel Confinement Nanny Work Permit

2) Receive SMS Notification of Levy Payment

  • This is the example of Levy Payment SMS that you will receive
  • Key information on the Levy Payment
    • Name
    • Website
    • Due Date
    • Amount
    • Payment method
  • Or alternatively, you can wait for the Levy Payment Letter

3) Check and Pay Confinement Nanny Levy Portal

4) If Do Not Have Pending Payment

5) Account Summary

  • Check the outstanding amount
  • Click Pay by internet banking

6) Pay by Internet Banking

  • Choose Pay total due
  • Click Confirm and pay

7) Online Payment Service

  • Choose Direct Debit
  • Click Continue

8) Payment Through eNETS

9) Changing Browser Setting for Payment

  • In the Internet Explorer (IE), find Internet Options
  • Go to Security Tab
  • Choose Trusted Sites
  • Then click Sites to add in Trusted Sites
  • Add in
  • Then different bank would need to add in different site:

10) Chose DBS Bank as Example

  • Key in Internet Banking User ID & PIN
  • Click Submit to proceed

11) Log in Using IB Secure Device or SMS

  • Choose either use IB Secure Device to login or SMS

12) Payment Details

  • Check the Payment Details
  • If is ok, click Confirm

13) eNETS, Transaction Complete

  • Payment Succesful

Acknowledgement Payment Succesful

  • Payment Succesful

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