Confinement Nanny Service


  • Super Nanny with 28 days service for single baby
  • MOM $35 Work Permit Fee
  • Send Nanny to your home on the first day
  • Replacements

Nanny Main Duty Includes:

  • Cook Nutritious Confinement Food
  • 24 Hours Baby Care
  • Brew TCM Herbal Tonic
  • Brew Red Date Drink
  • Prepare Confinement Bath
  • Laundry for Mother and Baby
  • Basic House Care
  • Assist Breastfeeding
  • Share Confinement and Baby Tips

As per above, we already included the confinement nanny work permit application fee. Apart from the confinement nanny services cost above, the additional cost that will be incurred will be confinement nanny red packet and mom confinement nanny levy. Once you get the confinement lady, next thing need to do is get confinement herbal package to get yourself recover faster. 

After engaged this service, you can self prepare first based on the confinement preparation list like stockpiling fridge or equipment preparation before confinement nanny come. 

If want to know more about the level of our services, check out our confinement nanny review.

Or opt for day time confinement nanny Singapore when you would like to have privacy or don’t have space for confinement lady.

Once baby almost reach 112 days or 16 weeks, do not forget to to convert confinement lady work permit to babysitter work permit.

Alternatively, you can check out market rate for confinement nanny price or click ASK PRICE button to know our rate.

Lastly, remember to take good care of baby and yourself during pregnancy and check up diligently with gynae and obstetrician. All the best with your pregnancy.