Day Time Confinement Nanny Singapore

Day Time Confinement Nanny Singapore

Be it day time confinement nanny, part time confinement lady, or stay out confinement lady, they are all the same. Day time confinement nanny Singapore role is similar to Stay In Confinement Nanny except they will be at your home for certain period of time and mostly from 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm. The reason for this timing is because you would need help with cooking, laundry and taking care of baby due to weak body and having mobility issue.

Part Time Confinement Nanny Duty

  • Cook Nutritious Confinement Food
  • Baby Care
  • Brew TCM Herbal Tonic
  • Brew Red Date Drink
  • Prepare Confinement Bath
  • Laundry for Mother and Baby
  • Basic House Care
  • Assist Breastfeeding
  • Share Confinement and Baby Tips
  • Work from 8am to 5pm OR 9am to 6pm

Stay Out Confinement Nanny pool are very small as they need pay for their own stay. Typical house owner would not rent to anyone with short period of stay as it would be more profitable  to rent out to someone who is staying permanently. This is the major reason why there are not many part time confinement nanny in the market. Stay Out Nanny might have children, sibling, relative or friend that have place for them to stay. However, this accommodation does not come free. They would still need to pay for the rent. Apart from that, they also need to take bus and MRT to your place. All these come with a cost. So, do not be surprised that day time confinement nanny charge is same or more expensive than Stay In Nanny.

Most client prefer Stay Out Nanny for few reasons. Mainly due to inadequate space in the house for nanny. Secondly, client who emphasis on their privacy often opt for this option.

The trade off of engaging day time confinement nanny would be, you would need to take care of your baby in the middle of midnight. It will not be an easy task especially when you just back from labour. Motherly love to newborn will definitely give you courage to overcome this.

Don’t forget, whether they are Stay-In or Stay Out Nanny, they are still the same where you would need to give confinement nanny red packet in and out on the first and last day.

If you need any Stay-Out Confinement Nanny, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: As mentioned beforehand, Stay-Out Nanny pool is really limited, therefore please engage us ASAP to secure your nanny.

We are one of the few confinement nanny agency that provide this service.

Once baby reach almost reach 112 days (16 weeks), convert the confinement lady work permit to babysitter work permit.

Remember to cover your nanny with confinement nanny insurance throughout her stay. By the law, you are liable up to $15,000 hospitalization bill if unfortunate things happen.

All the best with your pregnancy. Take care of yourself and baby by diligently go to gynae and obstetrician.

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