Equipment Preparation

Not sure what equipment confinement nanny need?
Just want to make sure confinement lady have everything ready for her when coming in?
New house or never cook?

Below is the basic example of the equipment required.

1) Equipment in Kitchen

Rice Cooker

Slow Cooker

Pot x2

Sauce Pan

Non Stick Frying Pan

Electric Kettle

Water Kettle

Thermos x2

Flat & Turner Spatula

Wood Flat & Turner Spatula

Soup Ladle

Wood Soup Ladle

Cutting Board


Big & Small Knife


Fork, Chopstick & Spoon

Plate, Bow & Cup

Soup Bow


2) Other Item in Kitchen

Abalone Sauce

Super & Top Quality Dark Soya Sauce

Light & Special Soy Sauce

Sesame Oil

Cooking Oil

White Pepper Seed

White Pepper Powder

Dried Mushroom

Mee Sua

Rice Vermicelli

Black Fungus


3) Bathroom

Baby Bath Tub


Non Slip Mat

List above is one of the confinement nanny preparation list that allows you to know what is required before aunty come. Different confinement nanny agency aunty has a different requirement, these just basic guidelines.