How to Extend Confinement Nanny Permit

Your Confinement Nanny is good and would like to further her service. Then extend the Work Permit first then Social Visit Pass. All you need to do is to click few button and all is ready in few minutes. Follow the steps by steps below

1) MOM Confinement Nanny Application Site

  • Click here to go to MOM site to extend your Confinement Nanny Work Permit

  • Click Log in with SingPass

2) SingPass & OTP

  • Key in your SingPass ID and Password then click Login

  • Fill in your OTP received from your mobile then click Submit

3) Extend Confinement Nanny Work Permit

  • Click Ask to extend work permit

4) Extend Confinement Nanny Work Permit

  • Maximum allowed date you can extend is 16 weeks(112 days) from baby date of birth

  • Then click Extend work permit

5) Work Permit Extended

  • ​​Download the Extension approval letter (PDF)

  • If Confinement Nanny Social Visit Pass Date is shorter than Work Permit Extension date, then must extend through iSubmit

  • Confinement Nanny will be penalized if over stay longer than Social Visit Pass allowed date

  • Click here to learn how to Extend Social Visit Pass

  • The Extension of Confinement Work Permit approved immediately. However, it takes longer time to extend Social Visit Pass through iSubmit, so do it ASSAP

6) Extension Approval Letter

  • In case you forget to download the Extension approval letter earlier, you can always download it again at the main page

  • Give nanny a copy of the Work Permit Extension

7) Extend Social Visit Pass

  • Once completed Extending Work Permit, remember to extend confinement nanny social visit pass to ensure uninterrupted confinement experience

  • Click here to learn the steps and DIY

We Are Here To Assist and Guide You

  • Do not have time to apply or find it troublesome

  • Do not know how to apply after going through steps above

  • Have some doubt or query, you can contact us

  • Or engage us to apply on behalf of you with a small fee

  • Click Contact Us below

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