Confinement Nanny Insurance Service

You have your own confinement nanny?

Would like to get hospitalization coverage for your confinement nanny as per MOM requirement and not sure where to get?

Do not want to be loaded with paperwork and peace of mind?

Let us help you to get the confinement nanny insurance.

All will be done within same day irregardless weekday or weekend or public holiday.

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The confinement nanny insurance coverage will be limit of $15,000 and include:

  • Room & Board based on C Ward in Singapore Government Restructured Hospital
  • Intensive Care Unit up to X days
  • Hospital Miscellaneous Service
  • Surgical Fee
  • In-Hospital Physician’s Visit
  • Pre-Hospitalization Diagnostic X-Ray & Lab Test (30 days prior to hospitalization)
  • Post-Hospitalization (within 30 days following discharged from hospital)
Maximum age of confinement nanny would be 65 years old.

In the MOM website, you will see a sentence of 
“You should buy medical insurance of at least $15,000 to cover your nanny during her employment with you.”

Meanwhile after you received Confinement Nanny Work Permit, you will see
“You should buy a medical insurance with a coverage of at least $15,000 per year to cover your nanny during the employment.”

In short, you are liable up to $15,000 hospitalization medical bill if any unfortunate happen to your confinement nanny while working for you.

Other than service above, we also got help with confinement nanny work permit application. 

Do not forget to give your nanny confinement nanny red packet and mom confinement nanny levy. Once you get the confinement lady, next thing need to do is get confinement herbal package to get yourself recover faster. 

After engaged their service, you can self prepare first based on the confinement preparation list like stockpiling fridge or equipment preparation before confinement nanny come. 

If you do not have your own confinement nanny, check out our confinement nanny review as we also provide confinement nanny service.

Or opt for day time confinement nanny Singapore when you would like to have privacy or don’t have space for confinement lady.

When your baby more than 112 days (16 weeks), remember to convert confinement lady permit to babysitter work permit.

Lastly, remember to check up with gynae and obstetricians regularly to ensure that you baby and yourself are healthy.

Alternatively, you can check out market rate for confinement nanny price or click ASK PRICE button to know our rate.