How to Apply Confinement Nanny Permit

Have your own freelance confinement nanny? You can easily apply Confinement Nanny Work Permit yourself through the MOM confinement nanny application online portal or engage confinement nanny agency. MOM created a specific permit for Confinement Nanny work permit. First of all, you and your confinement lady must meet the MOM criteria. It will take less than 10 minutes to key in if you have all the information required. Once completed filling in the form, all you need to do is to pay $35. Processing time usually take within a week. Below is the step by step on how to apply for Confinement Nanny Work Permit.

After you get the permit approved (within the permit you will find “You should buy a medical insurance with a coverage of at least $15,000 per year to cover your nanny during the employment”), remember to purchase Confinement Nanny Insurance to safeguard yourself. As an employer, you are liable up to $15,000 for Confinement Nanny hospitalization bill. You can tag along with us to get this insurance with very minimal admin fee. Whatsapp us at +65939323100.

Confinement Nanny Work Permit only valid for 112 days (16 weeks) from baby date of birth, after that you would need to convert it to babysitter work permit.

If you are engaging day time confinement nanny Singapore, you also need to apply the permit.

1) Check Eligibility Criteria


  • Be 21 years old and above at the time of application
  • Get Work Permit for your confinement Nanny
  • Have newborn under 4 months old
  • Maximum validity of Work Permit is 16 weeks from child date of birth
  • Pay a monthly levy
    • $60 (Singapore Citizen newborn)
    • $265 (non-Singapore Citizen newborn)

Confinement Nanny

  • be a Malaysian
  • Age 23 to 70 years old a the point of application
  • Work at your residence

2) Gather All The Information Below

Below are the checklist file of the information required
Fill this checklist then would be easier for you to key in to MOM Portal


  • You and your spouse NRIC/FIN
  • You and your spouse Passport (non Singaporean)
  • Your Singpass ID, password & mobile to receive OTP
  • Written consent from Nanny to apply Work Permit

Confinement Nanny

  • New Malaysian IC (BLUE color)
  • Malaysia Passport
  • Others Information


  1. You and your spouse Full Name
  2. You and your Date of Birth
  3. You and your spouse NRIC/FIN
  4. You and your spouse Passport Number
  5. You and your spouse Passport Expiry
  6. You and your spouse Nationality
  7. You and your spouse Residential Status
  8. Marital Status
  9. Your mobile number
  10. Your email
  11. Your Residential Address


  1. Full Name
  2. FIN (optional)
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Passport Number
  5. Passport Expiry
  6. Malaysia IC Number
  7. NRIC Color
  8. Birth Place
  9. Immigration Pass
  10. Religion
  11. Ethnic Group
  12. Highest Education Level
  13. Marital Status
  14. Spouse Residential Status

3) MOM Confinement Nanny Application Site

4) SingPass & OTP

  • Key in your SingPass ID and Password then click Login
  • Fill in your OTP received from your mobile then click Submit

5) Application Main Page

  • Click Apply for a Helper or Nanny to proceed

6) Type of Application

  • Select Apply for a confinement nanny
  • Then click Continue

7) Requirements

  • Read through the requirement
  • Click Continue

8) Your Confinement Nanny

  • Fill in Confinement Permit FIN (if you have) or her Passport Number and Date of Birth
  • Most nanny would not know their FIN number
  • So, click I dont have her FIN so that you can key in her passport the click Continue to proceed

9) Your Confinement Nanny Details

  • If your Confinement Nanny worked in Singapore before, most information will be auto-filled up
  • If she is new, you can use her Passport & Malaysia NRIC to fill in most information except:
    • Birth Place
    • Religion
    • Ethnic Group
    • Highest Education Level
    • Marital Status
    • Spouse Residential Status
    • Immigration Pass
  • As for Immigration Pass, Disembarkation/ Embarkation Card (White Card) is known as Social Visit Pass. Commonly used by Nanny to enter Singapore
  • Then scroll down to fill in Employment info
  • Below are the example of Social Visit Pass

10) Employment Details

  • Fill in Nanny’s Monthly Salary and Baby’s Date of Birth
  • Employment Start and End Date will depend on the service agreement between you and the Confinement Nanny
  • Employment Start Date usually will be on you and baby discharge day (Natural Born 3rd day while C Section 4th day)
  • Maximum allowed Employment End date is 16 weeks (112 days) from Baby Date of Birth
  • A lot of employers and Confinement Nanny mistook Work Permit allowed date with Social Visit Pass allowed date
  • If Work Permit End Date is within Social Visit Pass Date, then would not need to extend Social Visit Pass
  • If Work Permit End Date is more than Social Visit Pass Date, you can:
    • Request Confinement Nanny to go out to JB and come back in again with N number of days allowed by ICA officer. The main issue with this method is you and your baby will be left alone for short period. It will be tiring for confinement nanny to travel out and in as well. Only useful when last minute decided to extend her Work Permit
    • Extend Social Visit Pass through MOM FORMSG. This method takes time to process but at least, you will not have uninterrupted confinement Nanny Service. Check out how to DIY on Extend Confinement Nanny Social Visit Pass using MOM FORMSG
  • Usually, an extension of Social Visit Pass required when:
    • Confinement Service more than 30 days
    • Confinement Nanny was in Singapore before even the Confinement start
    • Last minute decided to extend Confinement Nanny Service
  • Confinement Nanny will be stopped from exiting and penalized when she stayed longer than permitted Social Visit Pass day even though Work Permit Date is longer. It is a common mistake.

11) You and Your Spouse Details

  • Key in you and your Spouse NRIC information accordingly
  • You are only required to fill in passport information when you are non Singaporean or Singapore PR

12) You Contact Details

  • Key in:
    • Mobile Number
    • Email
    • Residential
  • Read the criteria and agree
  • Tick and Click Continue to proceed

13) Payment Through Visa or MasterCard

  • Pay $35 through Visa/MasterCard (1st April 2019 onward, there will be an adjustment in the fee)
  • Key in Name, Card Number, Card Expiry Date & CVC/CW code
  • Click Confirm and Pay to proceed

14) Acknowledgment of Your Application

  • Once payment successfully goes through, you will see acknowledgment screen above about your application been received and processed. You will receive an email about the acknowledgment as well
  • Within a week, you will receive your application result

15) Check Your Application Status

  • Go to MOM Work Permit Application site to check the Work Permit Application Status
  • It is the same site you apply Confinement Nanny Work Permit
  • Click Log in with SingPass

Other Error Message

  • You will encounter this error message when you try to apply Confinement Nanny Permit if:
    • Confinement Nanny is currently employed with another client at the point when you are applying
    • The previous Employer Work Permit End date has not expired
  • Solution is to:
    • Wait Confinement Nanny completed serving the existing employer
    • Request previous employer to Cancel the Nanny existing work permit if the service already end

Remember to get your Nanny covered with confinement nanny insurance throughout the period. By the law, you are liable up to $15,000 hospitalization bill if there unfortunate things happen. 

Lastly, do not forget to go gynaecologist and obstetrician to do pre-natal checkup. All the best with your pregnancy. 

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