How to Pay Levy

Confinement Nanny service already end and not sure how to pay Levy?

Follow the step by step below on how to pay confinement nanny levy.

1) Make Sure Work Permit Expired or Cancelled

  • Ensure the Confinement Nanny Work Permit already Cancelled or Expired before pay

  • The Permit will auto Cancelled once Expired

  • Or else LEVY will be continuously charged to you

  • Click here to learn how to Cancel your Confinement Nanny Work Permit

2) Receive SMS Notification of Levy Payment

  • This is the example of Levy Payment SMS that you will receive

  • Key information on the Levy Payment

    • Name

    • Website

    • Due Date 

    • Amount 

    • Payment method 

  • Or alternatively, you can wait for the Levy Payment Letter

3) Check and Pay Confinement Nanny Levy Portal

P1 Levy Page.png

4) If Do Not Have Pending Payment

  • When do not have any pending payment, you will see the screen above when login the page

5) Account Summary

  • Check the outstanding amount

  • Click Pay by internet banking

6) Pay by Internet Banking

  • Choose Pay total due

  • Click Confirm and pay

7) Online Payment Service

  • Choose Direct Debit

  • Click Continue

8) Payment Through eNETS 

9) Changing Browser Setting for Payment

  • In the Internet Explorer (IE), find Internet Options

  • Go to Security Tab

  • Choose Trusted Sites

  • Then click Sites to add in Trusted Sites

10) Chose DBS Bank as Example

  • Key in Internet Banking User ID & PIN

  • Click Submit to proceed

11) Log in Using IB Secure Device or SMS

  • Choose either use IB Secure Device to login or SMS

12) Payment Details

  • Check the Payment Details

  • If is ok, click Confirm

13) eNETS, Transaction Complete

  • Payment Succesful

Acknowledgement Payment Succesful

  • Payment Succesful

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