Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1) Do I need confinement nanny?
If is your first-born child, definitely is YES.

If it is 2nd child, we still encourage as it is not easy to juggle between your first child and newborn baby.

If it is 2nd child and getting help from maid and mother/mother-in-law together, then it is not likely you need confinement lady. You will survive the confinement period.

Overall, it would be YES if you would like to have smooth, enjoyable and worry-free confinement period.

2) Should I engage confinement nanny or get help from mother/mother-in-law?
If your mother or mother-in-law is able to help out, then you may get their help. However, please be mindful that you might have conflict in opinion. Next, it might been a long time since last time they take care of new-born baby and might not be able to handle baby well especially during baby bathe time. We encounter customer who look for us last minute because the moment they take the baby to bathe, it started to cry and not sure why the baby keep on crying.

Homey Confinement Nanny are professional in taking care of Mummy, Baby & your home. They have handled many cases and newborn babies. Apart from that, they will guide you on how to handle baby from time to time to ensure you are able to take care of your baby once they are away.

Check market rate of confinement nanny price or click ASK PRICE at the top to know our nanny rate.

3) I have helper/maid, do I need still Confinement Nanny?
Yes, it is because your maid task is more on housekeeping and would not know how to cook confinement meal & take care your newborn baby.

You should take this opportunity to get Confinement Nanny so that Nanny will be able to train your helper/maid to cook Chinese food (Yeah! Can save some money rather to send them to cooking class) and take care of your baby.

4) I am not comfortable to live with stranger under one roof, what can I do?
Then, you should opt for Stay-Out or Day Time Confinement Nanny Singapore where they will stay from 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm. The task they are going to perform are the same except that during night time you need to handle the newborn baby yourself.

Homey Confinement have Stay-Out or Day Time Confinement Nanny.

5) If I would like to engage Homey Confinement, what should I do?
Call us or Whatsapp us at +65 9392 3100 anytime. We will contact you in the shortest time to inquire your requirement and quote you accordingly. If you are agree to proceed, then we will send our representative and get the contract signed to safeguard your interest and collect the deposit. We will provide you the deposit receipt as the proof. Then, you will have to pay the final payment to the confinement nanny on the last day of service.

6) How much is the initial deposit?
It varies and depends on the package that you subscribe. For example, Single vs Twins, Peak (CNY) & Off Peak (non CNY), Stay in & Stay Out & etc are all different. Contact us to know more in detail.

7) Mode of the payment for initial deposit & final payment?
For the initial deposit, you can pay cash, online banking, PayNow or cheque.

For the final payment, you will pay Nanny directly during her last day of service by using cash Only.

8) How soon should I book with Homey Confinement?
As soon as possible (ASAP). The reason is because the earlier you book, the earlier we are able to lock down top nanny for you. It is always the culture where top nanny will be booked earlier. We have case where the client engaged us right away when doctor confirmed the pregnancy. If the concern is because of the initial deposit, rest assured that we will 100% refund initial deposit without charging any administrative fee with official letter from Doctor.

9) What if unforeseen circumstance happened during pregnancy?
Homey Confinement will 100% refund initial deposit without charging any administrative fee with official letter from Doctor.

10) What are the additional costs that will be incurred?
Firstly, Ang Pao when the Nanny reach your home and on the last day of her service. Secondly, Confinement Nanny Levy of $60 (Singaporean) while $265 (Non-Singaporean) per month.

11) How to pay confinement nanny levy?
You will receive text message from MOM reminder on the pending payment of Levy with link where you can click and login using Singpass and pay. Or you can directly check & pay at MOM Check and pay foreign worker levy portal.

12) What time Nanny will reach on the first day?
Nanny will reach 2nd half of the day because most of the time, you will only be discharged and reach home around 2pm with baby.

13) Do the Nanny cook for my husband? How about my husband laundry?
We would like you and your husband to have enjoyable parenthood during the maternity leave and spend as much time as possible with the baby instead of worrying this and that. Nanny will cook extra for your husband and do the laundry for him separately (with washing machine).

14) What time Nanny will leave on the last day?
Nanny will go out at 12 noon. On the last day, please remember the Ang Pao & the balance fee.

15) If we are not satisfied with our Confinement Nanny, can we request replacement? for
Yes, we allow Nanny replacement before 15th day of service.

16) What if I need to extend confinement nanny service?
Just contact us. It will be subjected to Nanny availability (she could have next job or have pre-arrange holiday with her family). If the nanny is not available, we are still able to help you get the next one. Then we perform confinement nanny work permit extension then extend confinement nanny social visit pass.

17) Is Homey licensed confinement nanny agency by MOM?
Yes, we are. Our Employment Agency Number is 18C9216.

18) Will Homey apply confinement nanny work permit for the confinement lady?
Yes, we will.

19) Where can i get confinement herbal package?
We strongly suggest you to purchase from Eu Yan Sang, Hock Hua Tonic or ZTP.

20) Do you have any confinement guide or confinement preparation list?
Yes, we have prepared stockpiling fridge, equipment preparation. We will prepare more reading material as time comes.

21) If we have our own confinement nanny and we just need Homey to apply the permit and extend social visit pass, do you provide the service?
Yes, we will provide full range service of apply, extend or cancel confinement nanny work permit. If you engage your freelance confinement nanny more than 30 days, we will help to extend social visit pass as well.

22) May i know where can check Homey confinement nanny review?
Click confinement nanny agency review to view.

23) Do I need to need purchase confinement nanny insurance?
Based on Employment law, if anything happens to nanny and hospitalized, the customer/employer is responsible.  Confinement nanny insurance cost less than $99.

24) What are the other cost other than confinement nanny?
Confinement nanny red packet and levy.

25) What if baby more 16 weeks (112 days), how to extend confinement nanny work permit?
At tha time, you would need to convert confinement lady work permit to babysitter work permit.

25) What if I have more doubt and query?
Just drop us message at the chat box, email us or call us or WhatsApp us at +65 9392 3100.

Lastly, all the best with you pregnancy. Remember to take care of yourself and baby by visiting to gynae and obstetrician diligently.