Confinement Herbal Package

Confinement Herbal Soup

  • 28 Days Supply
  • Specially formulated for recuperation of new mothers

Confinement Red Dates Tea

  • 28 Days Supply
  • To nourish blood and tranquilize mind

Confinement Bath

  • 28 Days Supply
  • Expel & relieves “wind” and promotes blood circulation getting confinement nanny services, next you would need to get is good confinement herbal packages. There is a lot of companies that offer good confinement herbal packages such as Eu Yan Sang, Hock Hua Tonic, ZTP and neighbourhood TCM medical hall. 

Remember to do pre-natal check up with your gynaecologist and obstetrician diligently to ensure the baby is healthy.

Consuming prescribed herbs of confinement herbal package is important for faster recovery. Confinement nanny will cook confinement herbal soup every day so that you can intake enough nutrient from the herbs. 

As just given birth, not advisable to drink plain water because will caused water retention problem. Confinement lady will prepare confinement red date tea supply for the day and store in the thermos. 

Lastly, aunty will prepare confinement herbal bath for you to bathe. 

If you getting nanny from confinement nanny agency, you would not need to worry about the work permit. If getting freelance confinement nanny, remember to apply for confinement nanny work permit. If last minute decided to engage aunty for more than 30 days for you, remember to apply for confinement nanny work permit extension as well as extend confinement nanny visit pass. Failure to do so will cause aunty to get fined at Woodland & Tuas Checkpoint minimally $100 depending on how long was the period of overstay.

Confinement preparation list is the item that you can prepare in advance such as stockpiling fridge and equipment preparation before nanny come. You can wait until aunty come and check what item required then buy accordingly also. It is important to get a good confinement lady Singapore. Remember to check out the confinement nanny agency review before engaging an agency.

Remember get your nanny covered with confinement nanny insurance as you are liable up to $15,000 for nanny hospitalization bill. Click ASK PRICE at the top to get the quotation.

Once your baby reach 16 weeks (112 days), you can convert your confinement nanny to become babysitter work permit.

You can check out market rate of confinement nanny price or click ASK PRICE button to know how much we charge. 🙂