How to Extend Nanny Social Visit Pass

Your Confinement Nanny Social Viss Pass is expiring very soon?

Don't want your Nanny travel in and out to renew the Social Visit Pass?

You can extend easily through iSubmit with required documents.

Below are the step by steps on how to extend Confinement Nanny Social Visit Pass.

1) Extend Your Confinement Nanny Work Permit First

2) Gather All The Required Documents

  • Disembarkation Card Photo

  • ​​​​Photo of Confinement Nanny Passport

  • Confinement Nanny Work Permit PDF (So that MOM able to check your case easier)

  • Extension Approval Letter PDF (So that MOM able to check your case easier)

P4 Documents.png

3) iSubmit , Your Particulars

P1 Your Info.png
  • Go to iSubmit (click here)

  • Go Fill in Key Information

  • Salutation

  • Your Name

  • Email Address

  • Identification Type

  • Identification Number

  • Mobile Phone

4) iSubmit, Nanny's Particulars

  • Nanny Name

  • Identification Type

  • Identification Number

5) iSubmit, Details

  • Request Type Change to:

    • Type 5- Work Permit Application Matters for FDW and 6-monthly medical examination (6ME) for FDW & FW

  • My request is on Change to:

    • Requests on FDW matters

  • Attachments:

    • Nanny Passport

    • Nanny Social Visit Pass

    • Work Permit Letter

    • Extension Approval Letter

  • Subject:

    • Extension of Confinement Nanny Social Visit Pass

  • Message:

    • Kindly extend our Confinement Nanny Social Visit Pass as per Extension Approval Letter Date.

    • Thank you.

  • Lastly Tick & Key in the Code and click Submit

Processing & Approval

  • It will take 14 days to process. So extend as early as possible to avoid Nanny fined when exiting Singapore

  • Once approved, you will receive Extension Letter through email

  • Remember to send a copy to Nanny as she would need this document to exit

  • In short, Nanny would need

    • Work Permit (Helper's Copy) Letter

    • Work Permit Extension Approval Letter

    • Social Visit Pass Extension Letter

We Are Here To Assist and Guide You

  • Do not have time to apply or find it troublesome

  • Do not know how to apply after going through steps above

  • Have some doubt or query, you can contact us

  • Or engage us to apply on behalf of you with a small fee

  • Click Contact Us below

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