Confinement Nanny Life

6:30am to 7:00am: Confinement Nanny will wake up to get herself ready for the day (brush teeth/bathe). Then, she will boil water and put in the flask for daily consumption and other usages. Next, she will slow boil red date drink for 1.5 hours before putting in the flask for daily consumption. To prepare confinement bath, the nanny will put confinement herb in the pail, pour boiled water and then let it cool down. Nanny will again pour some warm water when mummy needs to bathe. Then, she will sterilize the baby bottle and other related equipment.

7:00am to 10:00am: When the baby wakes up, Confinement Lady would bring the baby to Mummy for first breastfeeding (depending on the baby wake up time). Nanny’s Rule Number 1: Baby always come first. Nanny will make sure that Baby will be fed before mummy does. For every feed and changing baby diaper, Nanny will record down in the Baby Time Schedule (Breast Milk, Formula Milk Change, Diaper & Poo) every 2 hours. Then, Nanny will prepare confinement breakfast for Mummy based on preference. For example, Mee Sua noodle, oat, milo with bread or etc.

8:00am to 9:00am: Nanny will take the baby for sunbathing (to reduce Jaundice). Different nanny will have a different style. Some nanny will cuddle baby while others will put the baby at the crib for sunbathing so that Nanny can busy with other house chore and preparation. Baby will be left naked with diapers with eyes covered. Baby needs to be sunbathed for 10-15mins at the front part and the same amount of time at the back part. After sunbathing, Nanny will let the baby cool down for a while before bathing. Nanny at the same time will boil water in preparation for baby bathe.

9:00am to 11:00am: While waiting for the baby to cool down, Nanny will maximize the time by boiling the soup of the day from confinement herbal package that bought earlier. Then, Nanny will bathe the baby before 10 am. Nanny will check the inventory in the fridge whether it is enough for the 2-3 days of supply. Once finalized the buying list, she will walk to the nearest wet market or supermarket to buy and carry back. After that, she will start to prepare raw material for lunch. 

11:00am to 12:30pm: Nanny will cook the rice first as it takes the longest time. Then, around 11:45am Nanny will start to cook other dishes so that lunch will be ready by 12:30pm, still in hot and warm condition. Each Nanny will have their own confinement food menu and confinement recipe. Once finished cooking, Nanny will start to clean up the kitchen.

12:30pm to 2:00pm: Mummy will eat lunch around this period. Once finished, Nanny will eat the leftover food and clean up the plate etc. Then, Nanny will go to bathe and get ready to rest.

2:00pm to 4:00pm: Nanny will take rest together with baby. Nanny will try to take a nap to recover back sleepless night earlier (of taking care baby) so that she would be able to wake up and take care of baby at midnight. Nevertheless, it is hard for them to really fall asleep during these hours. It is more on resting.

4:00pm to 5:30pm: Nanny will sweep floor, mop floor and do laundry at this period if did not have chance to perform the task at morning session. Then, she will prepare the raw material for dinner and cook the rice.

5:30pm to 6:30pm: Nanny will cook dinner so that Mummy can have dinner at 6:30pm. Then, she will clean up the kitchen again.

6:30pm to 8:30pm: Mummy will have the dinner first, followed by Nanny. Next, she will clean up the dishes and get ready to bathe. When she takes bathe, baby will be passed to Mummy to take care.

8:30pm to 11:00pm: Nanny will bring baby into room to have a rest. Meanwhile, if there are dried cloth from earlier laundry, she will fold and put in the closet. Next, last feed would be around 11pm before sleep.

11:00pm to 6:30am: After last feed, Nanny will sleep with baby. Every 2 hours or when baby cry, Nanny will bring baby to Mummy for breastfeeding. Alternatively, if mummy choose not to breastfeed, Nanny will heat up the breastmilk which stored and frozen during the day time for feeding. Once finish breastfeed, Nanny will take over baby from mummy so that Mummy can continue to sleep and have good rest. Nanny will gently pat baby until it burps. Baby will poo after having milk, so Nanny will wait to clean up the poo so that Baby can have good sleep and will not develop rashes. This process will repeat 2 to 3 times. It is extremely tough as Nanny will not have continuous sleep throughout the nights.

The process above will be repeated for 28 days. However not all the task repeated daily. The hardest part is staying awake at midnight to ensure baby is well-taken care off so that Mummy & Daddy can have good rest. All will be taken care so that Daddy also can spend more quality time with family during 2 weeks entitled Maternity to leave. The first week, mummy will be very exhausted after giving birth and have a mobility issue. Nanny will teach Mummy & Daddy on how to take care of baby second week onward so that they can be independent after she leave. Without realizing, Nanny becomes part of your family. Although only serving 28 days, Nanny will be there with you to go through the busy time of baby Full Month or Baby Shower. It is because Nanny only starts work on the third day after baby born (discharge day). At 28th day 12 noon after getting final payment and confinement nanny red packet, Nanny will leave with sad feeling as there is an emotional attachment to Baby, Mummy & Daddy. Nanny will then go back to spend her time with family and have good rest before serving the next family.

This 28 days cycle will be repeated multiple times a year, even during Chinese New Year. Confinement nanny agency like us will arrange as many job as they would like to work. Aunty also aimed to provide the best service for each family so that they can get good confinement lady review from you.

Aunty will get her confinement nanny permit from agency or customer (employer) so that she can freely go out of your home to buy grocery. Aunty do not have work permit card, so the permit paper is like their work permit card in Singapore. If last minute you would like the aunty to work more days, then remember to perform confinement nanny work permit extension. After that, need to extend confinement nanny visit pass so that aunty will not be penalized when going back to Malaysia by Woodland & Tuas Checkpoint. A lot of mummies mistaken work permit and social visit pass. In actual MOM govern work permit while ICA govern the social visit pass. Aunty can only stay based on the number of days permitted by ICA in their social visit pass or white card.

If aunty would like to go back before the permit expiry date, you can cancel confinement nanny work permit so that you will not be charged by MOM on the levy.

Lastly remember to pay confinement nanny levy after confinement end. It costs about $60 for Singapore citizen while non Singaporean would be $300.

When you engage day time confinement nanny Singapore, all are the same except for confinement lady work from 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm.

Remember to get your nanny covered with confinement nanny insurance so that you can have peaceful mind through out the period. You are liable up to $15,000 by the law in the event nanny hospitalized.

Do not forget to check up with obgyn (obstetrics and gynaecology) regularly to ensure you and baby are healthy. all the best with the pregnancy.

When baby reach 112 days (16 weeks), you would need to convert confinement lady permit to babysitter work permit.

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