Confinement Nanny Permit Application Service

Have your own confinement nanny?

Do not know how to apply for confinement nanny work permit from MOM?

Why trouble yourself with unnecessary paperwork?

Let us help you to apply the permit:

Confinement Nanny Eligibility:

  • Be a Malaysian
  • Be 23 to 70 Years old at the time of application
  • Work at your residence

After getting your own confinement nanny services (freelance confinement nanny or other agencies) and confinement herbal packages. Next thing you must do is apply for confinement nanny work permit and extend her social visit pass if she is freelance. Your Singapore confinement nanny agency will definitely permit for you. If they do not apply, then is breach of law.

It is illegal and you will be penalized if do not apply work permit for your confinement lady. Fine between $5,000 to $30,000 or imprisonment for up to 1 year or both based on Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. Permit application only cost $35 while the monthly levy charges for Singapore Citizen is $60 and non-Singapore citizen is $300. The permit & levy amount is so small as to compared with the risk of penalized.

After apply permit, remember to pay confinement nanny levy. Failure to pay the levy will cause you to unable to apply maid in future. The penalty amount also will accumulate over time until you pay.

Lastly, remember to check out the confinement lady review before engaging the freelance.

Cover your nanny with confinement nanny insurance to have peaceful mind in case hospitalization where you are liable up to $15,000 by the law.

Once baby more than 112 days (16 weeks), you can convert confinement lady permit to babysitter work permit.

Do check up with gynae and obstetricians regularly to ensure you and baby are healthy. Wish you all the best with the pregnancy.

Feel free to check about market rate for confinement nanny price or click ASK PRICE button to know our fee.