Confinement Nanny Insurance

Confinement Nanny Insurance

Confinement Nanny Insurance is a hospitalization plan for your confinement lady in case they need to be hospitalized and seek medical treatment, where coverage is up to $60,000 from 1 Jul 2023 onward. The minimum coverage increase from $15,000 to $60,000. It is different from Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Insurance. FDW Insurance cover a lot more scope for example personal liability, special grant due to death, sending your domestic helper home and etc.

Foreign Domestic Worker Insurance minimally comes with 14 months while Confinement Nanny Insurance is lesser. Thus FDW insurance is more expensive.

In the MOM website, you will see a sentence of “You should buy medical insurance of at least $15,000 to cover your nanny during her employment with you. This minimum required coverage will increase to $60,000 per year, for policies with start date effective on or after 1 July 2023. This better protects employers against large medical bills incurred by their nannies.”

You will also see below sentence after you received Approved Work Permit Confirmation Letter:

“You are required to buy and maintain a medical insurance to cover your nanny during the employment.”

What does it mean?

In short, you are liable up to $60,000 medical bill if anything happens to your confinement nanny during the period of work with you in the event you do not purchase any medical insurance. Confinement nanny are protected under Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

In the confinement nanny work permit by MOM, your name will be stated as employer instead of employment agency. Confinement nanny agency is just a matchmaker between you and confinement nanny. Most of agency do not cover this medical insurance. If your agency said that they will cover the insurance verbally over the call, please make sure that your contract contains such clause. Or else, when unfortunate happen, you will be held responsible by the law.

While Foreign Domestic Worker Insurance is a compulsory requirement for foreign domestic worker to request for permit, Confinement Nanny Insurance is not compulsory requirement when applying confinement nanny permit in the system. However, this medical insurance is very important to get yourself and confinement nanny covered, having worry free throughout confinement period. Accident might happen anytime, anywhere you would not know.

The Confinement Lady Insurance overall limit is $60,000 and cover:
1) Hospital Room & Board 6/4 Bedded Govt/Restructured Hospital (admitted)
2) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) & High Dependency Unit (HDU)
3) Surgeon’s Fee
4) Hospital Miscellaneous Services (including surgical implant at sub-limit S$1,000)
5) In-Hospital Physician’s Visit
6) Pre-Hospitalisation Treatment (90 days prior to hospitalisation)
7) Post-Hospitalisation Treatment (90 days upon discharge)

Before you can get medical insurance for your nanny, you should get the confinement nanny work permit approved first because medical insurance application needs work permit number. 

It only cover up to age of 64 years old.

The information required would be:
1) Your Name
2) Your Address
3) Your Email
4) Your Contact Number
5) Coverage period from and to
6) Nanny Name
7) Nanny Gender (Of Course Put Female! Haha)
8) Nanny Date of Birth
9) Work Permit No
10) FIN Number

It is important to get this insurance during COVID-19. Protect nanny to protect yourself! Remember to check what is Co-Payment borne by the Policyholder. In the market, most insurance company covered up to $15,000 and above that up to $60,000 will be Co-Payment of 25%. Try to get the one without Co-Payment for $60,000 coverage.

We provide this confinement nanny insurance service, call or WhatsApp us to find out more it. 

We can help your nanny get the hospitalization coverage within same day of application regardless weekday or weekend.

Apart from insurance, you would need to prepare confinement nanny ang bao for first day and last day. When confinement end, remember to pay confinement nanny levy. We also prepared confinement nanny preparation list for your convenience.

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Once your baby reach 16 weeks (112  days), you can convert your confinement lady permit to babysitter work permit.

Remember to check up with gynae and obstetrician consistently to ensure you and baby are safe. Wish you all the best. ^^

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