Stockpiling Fridge

Not sure what to stockpile before confinement nanny come?
Just want to make sure confinement lady have everything ready for her when coming in?
Your mother or mother in law not free to help out?

Stockpile the first few days raw material supply for cooking so that she can focus on your confinement

First few days are not encouraged to eat chicken and egg for Natural birth while C Section could be weeks.

So most will be fish, meat, vegetable, fruits and etc.
Below is the example of the photos taken from NTUC Fairprice.

1) Fish

  • After giving birth, the best food for wound recovery definitely will be fish.
  • For Salmon have high proten, DHA & zinc. There are research stating Salmons is good for fighting post-partum depression. Example:


Red Grouper

White Pompfret


Cod Fish

2) Pork

  • Pork can used to cook so many type of dishes, spare rib & prime rib can be used for soup while other can be used to stir fried

Lean Pork

Prime Rib

Spare Rib

Minced Pork

Pig Liver

3) Fruits

  • Advice to let fruit to be room environment temperature before consume if were stored in fridge

Dragon Fruit

Red Apple


Green Apple


4) Vegetables

  • There are a wide range of vegetable for you to choose
  • Buy 1 to 2 days of supply is sufficient as leafy item not suitable to be stored too long and will not be fresh

Xiao Bai Cai

Round Spinach

Shanghai Green


Cai Xin

French Bean


Chinese Spinach






Red Onion




Lotus Root


Sweet Potato

Usually, we as confinement nanny agency will advise client wait until the aunty come to check what is in the kitchen, fridge, cupboard or drawer then only go out with daddy to buy. It is too convenient to buy anything and everything you need from nearby NTUC Fairprice, Prime Supermarket, Sheng Siong, Giant & etc at any time.

On subsequent daily or weekly replenishment of food ingredient raw material, you can also try to purchase through online portal like Redmart, NTUC Fairprice and Giant. Then aunty can be 24 hours 7 days a day with the baby and you. Good confinement lady can cook very delicious confinement food. Check confinement nanny agency review or freelance nanny review before decide to engage which agency or freelance to pick from.

Make sure you apply confinement nanny work permit if you engaging freelance confinement nanny. Extend confinement nanny social visit pass if the period you would engage her services more than their white card allowed days.

If have any questions, feel free to dropby message to us by Whatsapp or email.

Remember to get your nanny covered with confinement nanny insurance as you are liable up to $15,000 hospitalization bill should anything happen. Click ASK PRICE above to get FREE premium quotation.

Confinement Nanny Work Permit only valid until baby 16 weeks (112 days), after that remember to convert to babysitter work permit.

Good luck to your pregnancy journey, do not forget to visit your gynae and obstetrician to ensure baby and you are healthy.

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