Confinement Nanny Price

Confinement Nanny Price

Confinement nanny price for freelance & confinement nanny agency are slightly different. Agency cost would range from $2,800 to $3,200 for a standard* confinement nanny of 28 days. While freelance cost range could be as long as low from $2,400 to $3,500 depending on nanny’s popularity and confinement nanny review.

Confinement Lady cost for 28 days has increased so much over the years. Back in year 2003, confinement agency only charged $2,300.

Below are the factor that impacting the confinement nanny price Singapore:

1) Seasonality (Chinese New Year)

Confinement nanny during Chinese New Year price increases so much that it could escalate from $4,000 up to $5,000 for freelance & agency. The main reason for the price spike during CNY is because the pool supply of confinement nanny deep dive as nanny prefer to spend the time with their family. As for agency, most would not be able to provide replacement in the event where replacement is required.

2) Number of Baby (Single, Twins, Triplet or More)

Confinement lady nanny price for twins baby could be as high as during CNY which is $4,000 to $5,000. The reason is because during confinement, the nanny would have very little sleep. When one cried, another will wake up and cry together, causing nanny to constantly busying with twins without much rest.

3) Level of HDB / Landed House / Condo / Maisonette (double storey, triple storey, etc)

You will be charged additional allowance if your house is more than 1 storey. Generally, climb up and down staircare cost $200-300 per level. The reason is because nanny would need to walk up and down to perform daily work. In this case, you need to tell the freelance nanny or agency in advance, because there are some nanny’s knee would not be able to climb up or down. Even with the additional allowance, the aunty might not be able to work.

4) Additional Person to Cook

Some nanny would only cook for Mummy while others will include Daddy as well. So, it will be wise to check beforehand, whether nanny cooks for others, and if no, how much per person. Typically, it cost $100/person. Some might wonder, why they need to pay additionally. The answer is very simple. Nanny needs to plan, buy material and cook for additional dishes where more works need to be done. Moreover, nanny would need to wait and clean up more dishes for the additional person.

5) Duration of Whole Confinement Service

When you engage nanny confinement service for than 28 days, you can try to ask for some discount like $100 to $200. The maximum period that you can employ a confinement nanny is up to 16 weeks or 112 days from the date of baby birth.

6) Stay Out Confinement Lady

The price of day time confinement nanny Singapore is higher than Stay-In confinement nanny. Some might ask, why the price is more expensive while they do not need to work through midnight. The higher cost is simply due to Accommodation and Transport cost. 

The price very much affected by how much confinement nanny need to pay for their rent. In Singapore, not many property owners would like to rent out for short term tenant. So, they need to pay higher than long term tenant market rate. Part time confinement nanny usually would have friend or relative where allow them to stay which make the pool extremely less. As for the public transport, it would cost at most $100 for MRT and bus. If their location is too far, the aunty would not want to take up the job as it will be too tiring to travel.

7) English Speaking Confinement Nanny

On an overall, confinement lady only speak Mandarin and some Chinese dialect (Cantonese, Hokkien or Teo Chew). The pool of English speaking confinement lady is the least of all. They will either serve expatriate in Singapore or most of time confinement lady will work in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom (UK) or United Stated of America (USA). Price of confinement lady for native English speaking cost about $4,000. Meanwhile broken English confinement nanny cost about $3,500.

8) Singapore Confinement Nanny or Malaysia Confinement Lady Price

Local confinement lady command higher price than Malaysia’s because the pool of them extremely small even though they perform the same task. Some able to speak fluent English as due to Singapore Education system and environment. When engaging local nanny, you would not need to apply confinement nanny permit or hussle of extend social visit pass.

9) Special Situation such Covid-19

Due to Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) and Singapore Circuit Breaker (CB), confinement nanny is unable to travel out from Malaysia to Singapore. As a result, the supply exceeded demand. The price of confinement nanny has spiked at the range from $3,300 to $4,000 for freelance and agency for standard* scenario. Confinement nanny during covid is extremely hard to find.

After studying all the factors above, always check in detail before deciding which nanny to engage. Do not assume, as price is varied from agency to agency, freelance to freelance.

Irregardless freelance or confinement agency, aunty will be entitled confinement nanny red packet for first day and last day.

Make sure you apply confinement nanny work permit through MOM portal. Extend confinement nanny social visit pass if the service required beyond nanny allowed white card stay duration. When confinement end, remember to pay confinement nanny levy or else penalized.

We created list of what to prepare for confinement like equipment preparation, stockpiling fridge for your reference.

*Standard referring to
– 28 days of confinement
– Single storey where aunty do not need to climb up or down
– Single baby
– Non peak season (Chinese New Year)

Do not forget to cover your nanny with confinement nanny insurance. You are liable up to $15,000 hospitalization bill by the law.

Once the baby is more than 112 days (16 weeks), you must convert confinement nanny work permit to babysitter work permit.

Lastly, remember to check up with gynae and obstetrician regularly to ensure baby and you are healthy. Jiayou during pregnancy period ^^.

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